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My history with Mac computers

Of all the different computers that I have worked with, from shipboard Data Acquisition systems and Satellite Navigation systems down to "programmable calculators", the easiest to use and now most familiar to me is the Apple Macintosh.

Not being a great believer in conformity, I have always been attracted to the less machine like interface presented by the Mac, an attraction that began long before the introduction of the Windows OS.

Since getting hold of my first Mac (a loaner Color Classic), I have grown increasingly familiar and comfortbale with the Mac way of getting things done. This doesn't mean that I have difficulty functioning in a non Mac environment, just that in such a situation I find myself wondering why it seems so much more difficult to do the things that I'm trying to do. Of course, if any one wants to donate a Windows machine to me, I'd be very happy to continue to add to my knowledge base for that OS!

I would by no means describe myself as an expert (drop me a line and ask for my definition of the term "expert"!) but I would definitely consider myself as an advance or highly proficient Mac user. Rather that attributing this achievement entirely to my own skill, I would say it is largely due to the fact that Macs are the sort of device that only need an instruction book as a last resort! Isn't that the way it should be?

Along the way, I have collected quite a lot of useful information resources that I am more than happy to share - you'll find them all in the links on the right. Most of them are Mac specific tech news sites, but there are also a couple of links to utilities and other shareware applications that I've found useful.

My current machine (until my financial resources match my daydreams!) is a Performa (aka PowerMac) 6400/200 with 80Mb installed RAM, running OS 8.6 and few other additions beyond replacing the internal 28k modem with an external V.90 fax/modem, a pair of Yamaha speakers and a joystick for flying the F/A 18 Hornet!

Just remember, it's not the tool that matters, rather it is the skill of the craftsman that creates a good piece of work!

Barry Curl
December 8 2000

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"Windows is like a Mac in the same way
that a transvestite is like a real woman.
It's 95 percent the same, and actually
what some people would prefer, but
not really the same for those who care
about small differences."

~ John Dvorak ~

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Utilities and enhancements

icons cx - cool interface enhancements

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